Advance Inception

I’m not yet married. Not until a few more months to go (drum roll please!). I could not tell you when exactly but it will happen! Heaven knows how excited I am that I couldn’t count the wasted hours (or precious time) I spent day dreaming about that big day! That glorious walk in my wedding gown with my handsome groom waiting for me and everybody else teary eyed all so excited sharing that moment with us. See? I’m doing it again.

So why “I Married A Preacher”? Same query I asked myself while starting this blog. I could tell you I was having some hard time with the naming part and I was in so much rush and excitement that I couldn’t wait for the moment when my brilliant mind would start working! It’s partly true in a way but I honestly feel this is just perfect. It’s so much me!

The me in advanced thinking mode. I’ve been dreaming to have my own blog. Guess what? I got one (yehey!). I wanted to keep this for long, like forever. So what’s a few months of ackwardness with the dreamt appropriateness for a life time? This will be my not so private space to share my private life’s events with the hope of making good use of my random thoughts that stay cluttered in my head anyway and inspiring reader with my every day “learning” and “unlearning” experiences, which also means making sure those lessons stay in me. When I say private btw, the fact that I’m a private person are just plain random stuffs that make sense to share.

I will be hitched to my sweetheart of 6 years (finally!). It so happen that he’s a preacher and that makes everything special! You see, I’ve been wanting to be a minister’s wife and things are taking place. Coming from the same family background (my dad as a pastor), I definitely know that what awaits me are blissful surprises and uncertainties, and I say, bring it on! I’ll talk about this more in-depth soon. Oh, I can’t wait (I told you the title speaks for me)!

I’m an optimist(I think so). And because wedding stuff is all over me, I don’t want to spoil the moment with the negative “what ifs”. Should my destiny lead me the other way then I could just desert this blog, weep, move on, and maybe start another blog about heartbreaks (crossing fingers though!). But seriously, it will always be God’s will and timing. HE KNOWS BEST!

So this blog is gonna be me in words – straight from my heart in plain language. I might be talking about our crazy wed preps alot this time to the just married adjustments and what goes on. But most specially, the perks and hurts that destined a minister’s wife which I shall rightfully call “The Joy in Ministry”.

Steffy ♥