It's a throwback but I pretty look the same in this angle.

From what I read in some “blogging 101” articles, I need to personalize my About Page and trash that classic no relevance ‘blah’ ‘blah’ this page had a few seconds ago! So I’m trying to take heed right now.

Well, well, well…
I’m having some hard time as you can see but let me give my one last shot to hand you some sensible, objective, unbiased, descriptive word(s) you could hopefully positively patch together.
-Single (currently not yet married)
-Fiancee (to a preacher)
-Writer (aspiring)
-Nurse (but staying in Ph for good)
-Chubby (over weight to be exact)
-Filipina (thus my Dela Cruz profile)
-Creative (with some explicit weirdness)
-Christian (Seventh Day Adventist)
-Blank starer (but ain’t hallucinating)
-Pastor’s daughter (for twenty something or so)
-Business woman (excellent retailer: name your brand, i’ll name my price)
-Compulsive (eating habit & this blog say so)
-Planner (but not much of a doer, err…)
-Saver (both in money and fats)
-Melancholic (99% according to several temperament testing tools)
-Smiley (when happy just like now)
-Detail oriented (who tends to complicate things)
-Independent (that explains my much needed solo flights)
-Adventurous (Seen me anywhere? I was probably crossing out my ‘1st time’ to do list)
-Crafty (because I wanted to be a DIY bride, a new thing)

That’s it. The “Me” in a randomly quick description which for sure will be added or dismissed when time dictates. But what this blog will be about is a collection and reflection of who that was, is, & will be “Me”.

Not that I intend to flaunt a conceited image of a prideful “I” figure but to somehow give you idea on how I came to express what I thought is worth jotting down. Oh, I also will be writing about others should I feel convicted to.

So happy meet and greet in prints! Adios Amego!


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