The Man with a Tie


It amuses me how I always find myself going through the hanged neckties in the male section of whatever mall I use to window shop just to freshen up. Not that I find the need to buy one for someone I know who wears them gorgeously but merely just to satisfy my weird fondness on them. It’s a thrill to be playing with the varying designs trying to mix & match deciding on what goes to what sleeve. But in the end it’s always frustrating since they come with a very complex set of patterns and colors, too complex for someone who hasn’t worn one, like me. But every time I indulge on what seemingly a waste of time (because I’m not buying anyway), I smile a smile that remembers someone.


That man with a tie is man who doesn’t wear a tie at all time like the famous Daddy Long Legs or the less famous corporate men I don’t need to mention because honestly, I don’t have a name. He doesn’t need to wear them every day because he is just a normal guy who does normal stuff such as hard labor that would literally bulge sets of muscles into awesome curves tinged with real grease or dirt. Definitely a tie is an unwelcome inconvenience for such occasion. But when duty calls, the REAL DUTY, he would always want to wear one. And when he does, you can only agree and sigh, “He wears it right”.IMG_7918

He’s also the kind of man whose stares says “you’re beautiful” in the most sincere way. Who hold your hand and locked those digits to his hinting he’ll never let you go no matter what. Who gives out a belly laugh even to your most boring jokes assuring you’re his happiness. Who holds your chin in an I’m-about-to-kiss-you way because that’s his way of telling he finds you adorable. Who vocally request for one SMS a day (more than a long extended phone call) because he could re-read them when he misses you. Who probably had a million varicose veins if it happened to be a hit to men from standing for hours waiting for your appearance because you failed to hear your name repeated page or you were just enjoying the elated moment of being waited by someone and to linger a little longer would surely make other girls jealous because no one’s waiting for them outside like you always do (haha). Who wakes up a little early to greet you a ” Happy Monthsary” that some muscle guys find amusing. Who brought his whole singing group at your room’s door step to serenade and ended up being scolded by the dormitory dean simply because boys are banned inside girl’s dormitory. Who cries real tears not once, not twice but for many times because he is emotional for both of you out of hurtaches or happiness. Who surprises you with bouquet of flowers for some call of celebration or for no other reasons but just to surprise you that at times would be handed to you by no less than your male supervisor.

But he isn’t all that good, perfect man who seems too fictional to exist. He too has flaws, shortcomings, and had made you painfully tearful at some tough moments but you have decided to not talk about it. No way that you’ll be shouting to the whole world or to those who take time reading your online sentiments at least, the not so nice fact about this guy as if you don’t have any flaws to flaunt. It’s because you understand that love is a celebration of learning and unlearning & of adjustments and acceptance. And you perfectly understand that he need not be flawless as such that you don’t need to be one because what matter is that you compliment each other. That’s the beauty of love. He is simply real and he has flaws.



Like I was thinking of one specific tie he owns that has some sentiments to me. No, I really don’t have one in mind. In fact I could look at any ties he has and even browse to any in-store display and still feel that same fondness. What’s special with all of them is that they remind me of two things.

First is how God’s been faithful to His promises. He answers prayers and giving me a man who wears a tie is one of my most important life changing answered prayers that He so granted in such accuracy. It was such a surprising answer because He laid it exactly as summoned. Spare the details because I’ll write another post where I shall narrate the wonders on how God would connect two different souls like they were made for each other that this cute Mr. Cupid could never ever surpass.

Secondly, it refocuses me to my actual role. The role of a woman who marries a man with a tie extends to heavy responsibilities which I have to be reminded in a daily basis just to not be so surprised when it gets my way because I tell you, they can be very overwhelming. I understand this is not an ordinary role. It just can’t be ordinary. Those perks and hurts of a minister’s wife I told you so that I’m now starting to embrace is something I used to be very excited about but now has turned me a little anxious. The journey has so begun and I can only wish I prepared so well. Guess what, you can never prepare enough. Never! I beg your pardon if I sounded like I’m in trouble. It’s probably the anxiety that’s getting the sparks but believe me, this is a good thing. It’s an amazing opportunity to be tied to someone who wears a tie (I could never emphasize more). And it’s always a JOY, I even prayed for this, right? The JOY IN MINISTRY that I’ve to embrace, that’s what it reminds me.


And oh, did I fail to mention to you that I really think he is most handsome when he is in the pulpit with his tie on? Yes, and it’s his birthday too.10900115_1562105050703447_37206966700817843_o

Married to a Man with a Tie,

Steffy ♥


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