Ahava: Sweet Journey of Love

Just as all weddings have stories,
stories that always start somewhere at some given remarkable timing.
Be it casual group date goes intimate,
a childhood best friends turn sweethearts (my fave but not ours),
strangers on a road exchanged numbers, professor – student romance,
whirl wind, slow-paced, second chances or anything in between romances!
These stories remain unique to every love birds.

And we, like all the other couples, have a version to tell.
A tale we cherish and celebrate.
After all, it’s what brings us to the altar.

This is our story.

Couples Note (Especially for You)
A Tale of A Lovely Beginning (It has to Start Somewhere, Somehow)
The Wedding Party (Who’s Marching with Us?)
Our Story in Numbers (Because It Always Counts)
Agenda of the Day (Bits and Pieces to Guide You)
Thank You (We Owe You this and More) 

Click here to navigate through our 12 – page wedding magazine invite.

Inside Story:
This piece is very special to us.I surfed the net for a special & unique wedding invitation I could D.I.Y.Something that is very personal and would speak of “us” as a couple and God’s amazing ways of matching our desires.
When I found a sample of this kind, I’ve fallen in love and I was so sure this is what I wanted. I could not even find any other better invites. I mean there are so many lovely ideas out there and I’d say they are all beautiful but I found this to be PERFECT for US.
I just thank God that I have a very talented cousin Marie Gil who agreed to this impossibility 😉 and patches all together the prints and pictures to a beautiful 12 page magazine. Truly a one-a-kind unforgettable wedding gift! Thanks cousin dear!

It’s been a month but we can’t get over with the excitement until now. I guess guests are with us because even until now a lot are still asking to get a copy of our invite. Like really a lot! We thank God for this success.


The Minister’s Wife,

Steffy ♥


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